Gender discrimination in Roma at Camponeschi

This is the letter I’ve sent to as many journalists as possible, scattered around the world, hoping they will be reporting my pledge since we’ve gone so far to listen to the claims of actresses reporting rapes happened over 20 years ago in luxurious hotel suites whilst they were invited to have a casting for some role. For the gravity of the offence I feel I endured and the presence of witnesses, I report it to my website—in some ways or another this will go far, and I can ask help and advise to anyone willing to give it to me seeking justice. I understand there are other emergencies right now, but we can’t cast democracy away for them.


I really care to bring up to you something terrible that happened to me in Rome, for which I feel profoundly discriminated for my female gender before I bring it up to the criminal court, eventually.

I am a notorious person in my country, I reached fame in tv presenting my book that defends men and women who claim their identity as men and women, taking a stance against the #metoo movement, which makes my claim to you even more ironic since I am going to appeal to my dignity of a woman who wants to be treated as such.

I was in a famous restaurant with wine bar in Piazza Farnese, Camponeschi, and people call me from table to table to ask me about my books and project. Already it happened a few days before, that I was invited to sit rudely before everyone, making me and my friend feel uncomfortable. This time not only it happened again, but this gigantic and arrogant security man from Naples kept insistently to look at my butt whilst I was drinking my coffee, to the point that I turned my face to ask if he had a problem; to which he pushed me up and asked me to leave the place forever, claiming that the direction told him to do so.

I feel discriminated and humiliated, I am a humble artist gone and survived through the hardest of times with the pandemic—where I had to invent how to sponsor myself and make a living—and this man watches and treats me like a whore in front of everybody, calumning me and offending a category of respectable workers. I was so upset and ashamed for the psicological violence that I didn’t even think of calling the police, which would have been my right since no one can be refused into public soil, as the law in Italy confers this status to restaurants and bars, and my friend who paid the bill was ready to testify everything.

I feel like I was raped and disonhonored, I hope you can give space reporting my cry in the land of democracy and freedom.

I pray this will reach your attention,

Dott.ssa Alessandra Cantini

From an Instagram story of that evening

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