Liberalism and Equal Rights

Who needs Feminism?

This video explains very well the absurdity of the war between genders and goes back to an historical and religious analysis which even if very simplistic are well designed for a basic image of the issue.

I disagree on the religious version though, as Christianity didn’t involve chivalry at all: we have only two women in the New Testament, Mary and Mary Magdalene, and one is holy because she conceived Jesus remaining a virgin (?!) and the other was a prostitute who was forgiven for her sins by the former’s son after she kisses his feet. In millennia and still now there is nothing about equality in Christianity, whereas also the divorces given by the Church’s tribunal don’t involve any sort of protection for women since they are considered as they never happened–the husband owes nothing to his ex wife, unlike in Islam or Judaism. Now, if we talk about Judaism, the role of women is really pivotal and ever was… from the matriarchs–Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel–to other characters–Tamar, Miriam, Ruth, Bathsheba, Esther–until we get to our contemporary women, they all have a role and are respected and treated as women.

I indulged a lot in describing evolution as I go from the origin to the end of our species in the book I wrote, which gives value to the man exalting true womanhood meanwhile; the sacred feminine must have its specular side, its other rib.

Right now I am waiting for some answers in order to publish what will be an extremely controversial standpoint in this debate over the natural order as I stand on the primitive genuine loving side of it–something that seems no longer to exist in society.

In the wait, I am also translating the book in English.

Every contribution you are willing to make in the DONATE section will be very much appreciated since I want to dedicate myself fully in this libertarian cause and it would just be beautiful to see that others feel the urge to fight all this ugly feminism’s nonsense. I am also not uploading as many videos as I did in the summer on YouTube but a subscription to the channel would be appreciated, too.

Thank you,

Alessandra Cantini



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