Saving Harvey

Two powerful men were almost simultaneously accused of rape and had their life ruined by a sick justice and media. I was still cheering the request of the archiviation of Fausto Brizzi’s case when a bulletproof bomb dropped in Harvey Weinstein’s trial: his computer, with over 400 messages exchanged with his first accuser, where she calls him “his big man” and “her love, even if she knows she’s just a distraction.” (Where was the computer before? Why Harvey couldn’t use the messages as proof on first stance, and Fausto Brizzi either?) Rightly so his lawyer is now asking for the absolution of and the dropping of charges.  Benjamin Brafman was the lawyer of Dominique Strauss-Khan too, and he managed back in 2011 to have the charges against his previous client dropped, so now ain’t hard again, as again despite the public perception there is no hint of a proof of the guilt of the prosecuted. Yet is today the dropping of charges just fine? If I were Benjamin I’d be already accusing and asking far more. Asking to pay the material damages is easy–in Harvey’s case they’ll be stellar as he was bailed out from jail for 1 million, lost his place in the production’s company and has an ex wife to pay too–but what about the moral ones?

Keep on writing your names if you are favourable to have these lower-then-pond-scum-wannabees prosecuted automatically. There are too many crimes and it’s hard for the police to prosecute every hint, but here we are witnessing GENDER TERRORISM attacks.


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