A Greek tragedy

Traveling is life and discovery, and I’ve always loved flying

. This year I was decided to go to two states I had never visited, Morocco and Greece: the former was the stage of an amazing New Years Eve, while the latter was ideally meant on summer and maybe on the islands–but I started to care less about a holiday, rather I started seeing it as an inspiration, an adventure that I would have lived alone if it was the only way. Having found myself back to Monaco as a surprise, I didn’t need to add any craziness. Hence a small pretext was enough, explanations that I was looking for from the streets of Italy, for which an adventurous Venusians is more than willing to jump on a flight knowing almost nothing and no one at the destination.

The first day could be defined as Eros, the scenario was amazing and the beach enchanting; moreover I went on the spot where Alekos Panagulis tried to kill Papadopoulos and was arrested while hiding in a cave nearby where I was swimming, contemplating the disaster of his failed attempt. Oriana Fallaci was my travel company with her narration of his history, and I felt very emotional.


The second day, Thanatos unfolded. The scenery was as beautiful as possible in Greece, dominating the capital from a desert Acropolis since the workers had left it opened for it was too hot and windy. Yet the winds that almost made my Borsalino fly over the Caryatids was the wind bearing the ashes of an unfolding fire and a national hero had to run away to see the situation while I was left in the city. I tried to drink a glass of wine in a very beautiful rooftop on it, but was wise enough to wait until the Odyssey bringing me home was on its last pages. Then I booked my flight back one day before as expected, and went down sinking the sorrows and anxiety in Ouzo. I didn’t mean to pass out, but that’s what Ouzo does; that killer goes down easy, it seems to be drinking a lemonade and when you realize it is 40° it’s too late. Again, other national heroes performed a super rescue.

Another rescue was performed today when a serendipity found my Raybans at the beach. They were the last aviators since the others were stolen on a boat, and they were a gift from a dear person, hence this personal little Thanatos exploded into Eros.

Now I can fly serene to Rome for two days of dolce vita. The Venusians is a lifestyle!

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