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Sexy Eye Bags

Whenever they think you have eye bags because you don’t sleep much or you drink, shut them all up by saying: “I have lots of sex.” It will be so much better and much more reassuring to your parents! If you don’t have parents to reassure, well avoid the doctor and don’t cover them anyway, they are a small flaw which is part of you. Sleeping doesn’t do much anyway, because I slept 10 hours tonight and look at how they are..!! Yet I am very proud. If I’d transform into a vampire I’d be happy as an eternity as I live is worth being lived (as long as I can still enjoy my Martinis, Champagne, oysters, pizzas, fries etc.)!

Every minute spent having check ups is lost life, and unless you are darn ugly don’t be obsessed to have something redone. Unless it’s super urgent avoid doctors and just listen to your body.

The love for yourself is the beginning of a lifelong idyll.

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