The 10K€ rule

People saying venusianism is male chauvinist and despises women make a mistake: we love feminine women and give so much value to them that we feel like giving a kind hearted suggestion; that of giving themselves so much value to spend their money on them.

If by 25 a young woman hasn’t been able to collect as much accessories to be covered of the value of (at least) 10000€, she can’t expect to find anybody treating her so nicely to satisfy her simplest and most superfluous need.

Malcolm Gladwell’s 10k hours rule of practicing a skill in order to master it is poignant. Men need 10k hours to become pros, and women need 10k€ to become theirs.

Alessandra built her own wealth investing money in luxurious accessories, and by consequence she seems to be unattractive to miserable people. It’s not a matter of receiving gifts, it’s a matter of well spending the family’s money and the money obtained by working and gaining scholarships.

She is a luxury animal, and superfluous is as necessary to her as breathing.

It’s only normal if in beautiful luxurious places most of the times the men are gallant… as we say, time is money and luxury is an investment.

2 thoughts on “The 10K€ rule”

    1. Per un uomo non sempre… in effetti all’uomo bastano orologio e macchina, sul resto ci può essere tendenza a nascondersi.


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