The Student Hotel

Sky is the limit: someone told me that a zodiacal transit of Venus in my horoscope would take my femininity out and fall in love. There was a man, but it’s more appropriate to say I fell in love for Florence and the “love story” fit well into that architectural wonder.

Anyway, I had the chance of entering the TSH one day after its official opening, and as I am a supporter of beauty I had to share its wonders: futuristic and surrealist decorations and tech spouse the city with an astonishing view once you reach the top floor.

Of course such a massive project (50 millions of investment) met the criticism of some jealous left wing people who think that student must be all equally cheap in their accommodations. They might not know that the motto is “may the student in you live forever” and this structure is opened for students and creatives alike (I wouldn’t recommend it to a classic architecture lover or a tourist, this is meant to be a place where ideas flow with other people on the same line of thinking).

What I liked as founder of The Venusians, a movement which enhances femininity and masculinity in their sexual/gender roles, is the idea of inaugurating each times with presentations by the guests on beds. As John Lennon and Yoko Ono taught back in the 60/70es, the world can be changed while wrapped below/above the sheets.

So let there be love.

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