I “finals” inglesi da noi sono maturità

This video makes no sense in English because only Italians can understand the anxiety and poetry of their final exam in high school. We don’t have real “finals” after that one, because if we fail an exam at the university we have the chance of trying it again on the next session (which is usually the following month) and there’s no limit on how many times you can fail as long as you pay the school fees. Finals are literally translated into “Maturity” here as that’s what it is: it’s all up to the individual to obtain a degree and in how long. It’s an individual choice to fail or tu succeed, and again I couldn’t agree more with my country’s school system. Maturity  is very hard and complex, and generations of students still have nightmares about having to do it again. 

I have nightmares about high school in general. How was your experience, have you ever been a victim of bullying–and by girls or boys? How did your professors react? I was a victim, and I reacted not giving a s**t about people; I would be surrounded only by my boyfriends and very few girls. If you are beautiful and successful, envy will be all around. Would you rather be that or be as a loser as the others? Yet when you’d do anything for your friends and eventually you get disappointed even by them this reality kicks in badly. 

Maturity will be remembered also as imMMATURITY in Prague, where I went to celebrate my 94/100 with a great girlfriend from Rome, with whom I had the craziest times. She also deceived me greatly when she backstabbed me telling a lie, obviously about a boy. I still wonder if I did good to get as mad as I did, normally I wouldn’t but there was more to it. Now we missed each other for 5 years, yet I think it was an overdue time. We went on separate paths and both grew up. Ironically, despite proving (again) more brilliant at school, she’s into the same love story. Why we women have such hurdles in friendships and can be such bitches even when the backgrounds, physical appearance and personalities are alike? I still wonder. But oh, women hurt me always more than men.


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