I tell you a secret, I am not wearing panties

Shabbat Shalom!

While workers were celebrating a day of laziness, I revealed something new to a few millions of Italians on the radio on May 1st. The main questions and answers were:

  • “Are you wearing underwear?” “No, there are very few occasions on which I do, as I remind myself of the freshness of femininity as much as I can. Femininity starts there, it is a woman’s state of mind.”
  • “It’s not really a plan for a political agenda…” “It would, as women should remind themselves to be women first of all, instead of waging war to men and strip them of their deserved power with instruments of civil disability such as gender quotas. I respect a woman in power if she doesn’t try to be the sole example to follow; a woman is far greater when she inspires her man and her offspring to be the best that they can. Only Angela Merkel demonstrates to govern well, alas she’s not exacly feminine.” 
  • “What about fat people?” “Fatness is a social evil: how many fat successful people you see? Poor people eat all they can and do nothing to burn the unhealthy calories.” “What about Strauss-Khan, he is fat and successful.” “He is Jewish, and Jewish don’t respond to this rule.” (Alas he was victim of a gender terrorist attack who costed him the presidency of the FMI to the benefit of Christine Lagarde who after buying Greece with a loan tried to buy Italy too. Berlusconi saved us by saying no, yet he was the victim of a golpe to the credit of the ex President of the Republic Napolitano who appointed someone who killed the economy: Mario Monti. Gender terrorism is nazi-communist as it targets blacks and Jews: after Strauss-Khan, Weinstein and Bill Cosby also Roman Polanski is a victm as he’s been expelled by the Oscar Academy with the latter. Berlusconi is the catholic exception, but he’s Berlusconi…)
  • Big parenthesis on Judaism and my personal pro-Israel beliefs. Ideals of righteousness and gender complementarity. 
  • “Are you polygamous?” “Polygamy is normal as humans are animals and there’s no way one can abstain from looking and desiring somebody else. If the sexual instinct for a prey is something that might drive one insane until is satisfied, love towards one persist, hence the only form of allowing polygamy is eventually practising it but always under a tacit and respectful agreement with the other half, who must remain the first one and only and never feel neglected or threatened.  For the sake of the family and the children a couple should never split up for a treason of this kind anyway, especially if the fault lies on the woman, who eventually got fat and unkept, and stopped satisfying her husband in bed. I can’t speak much about it now for this reason of respect, even if my fiancé doesn’t understand italian as he is an english Prince Charming.”
  • “Are you favourable or contrary about hair removal?” “A woman should always depilate herself unless she doesn’t want to appear like a Mammoth and be avoided; yet intimately she should maintain a little well kept garden as it reminds womanhood and ancestrally arouses men more.”
  •  “What about dildos, are they feminists? Did you ever try them?” “We should try everything in life, and of course I did and I admit that reacing orgasms is much faster and easier than with a man. Yet a man is a man, and an object cannot substitute him; in fact it can only make sex more interesting and fun on certain occasions, but it should never be over used. A woman that renounces to men by using only dildos is a today’s feminist loser.”


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