The fall of America’s Dad

It’s official, the fourth wave’s feminism is the offspring of communism, since its two first and most influential victims are a black man and a jew: respectively Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein


How a black man can be so pioneering to (I will be quoting just a few achievements): become the first African American actor to star in a dramatic series on American TV; get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; in the 1980s create his own show, “The Cosby Show,” where he plays Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable; win a Golden Globe for best television series and then another one as actor in it;  receive the Kennedy Center Honors and before the ceremony, at a White House reception, have President Clinton praising him for his “remarkable gift of being able to look inside the human experience in all its depth and diversity and hold it up to the universal light of laughter;” be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom; pave the way to the first African American president of the USA–and yet be sentenced at 80 years of age, after he lost two children and his sight, as a sex offender?


The list of the women claiming he abused them by drugging them and making them unconscious is long and starts back in the 60es, even if all the serious allegations popped up from 2014 and remarkably escalated only since then. We are talking of rape here, and of a very violent kind. (Click here to see the whole list of achievements he realised altogether with the accusations over the past fifty years.) Yet all this escalation and counting of events doesn’t really add up, considering that we are talking of a married powerful man and that all the women going to visit him for their own obscure reasons probably knew something about him since some of them were bunnies or aspiring actresses–we suppose that a monster of that kind would have been unveiled in the same circles, especially if there are dozens of women, right? But let’s pretend they were all in the dark. They go to his room, talk, accept a pill–like Cosby is their Xanax’s prescriber–or several glasses of wine, they pass out and wake up oblivious realising they’d been assaulted. What would anyone do in this situation? Go to a fucking hospital and have a check. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, the law doesn’t oblige any victim of assault to give a name or even to admit she was assaulted, anything can be invented; there’s no ethic behaviour to “not disappoint America” on health’s issues. We can understand their shame, we can’t understand the total missing of hospital proof for such hard allegations. Then let’s break another wall of hypocrisy: any woman who is invited alone to visit a powerful man in a hotel room must brace herself to the eventuality of a sexual encounter, in fact she will the one aroused by this–because who is not turned on by knowing how an influential person who’s seen in 60 millions of people’s tv screens is in intimacy? In this privileged position, if he offers any drug–be it cocaine or Quaaludes in this case–the second possibility ensues; which is get the hell out if not willing to have sex&drugs&rock’n’roll, or embrace the full package. Who has never awakened in the morning hangover with memory’s blackouts, or passed out of tiredness or emotion during an encounter with a man? 


Of course he admitted he had Quaaludes and he used them to have sex with young women! (Only one actually, but whatever.) Like any drug addict. The strength to say “no” relies still on the girls who were offered; and bloody hell, if I she so scared in her life to try drugs, going to the hospital is even more mandatory. Isn’t health before everything? Sadly no, money is.

Differently from Harvey Weinstein, Cosby has a faithful wife standing up for him. That’s what a wife is for, even in the case of cheating, when a husband who gave her children and security and a reputation is suddenly called a monster. You can see you she went from rags to riches with him, differently from Weinstein’s younger gold digger. The former stands up for her family and wouldn’t use her children to sponge the poor victim of a husband more money. We must be standing up for Camille, her children and grandchildren who might see their Big Dad dying in jail with an undeserving reputation blinding America. (Ironically Bill Cosby would have been the one truly blind.)


But that’s what most women are: prostitutes to a certain degree.



2 thoughts on “The fall of America’s Dad”

    1. “What MOST women are,” and it wasn’t meant to offend first class prostitutes, who are respectful workers useful to society.


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