The Beauty kills The Beast

We should give a chance to men to take out their best versions, as every men is a potential prince… But he needs a Princess to unmasks his beautiful and generous side, otherwise he’ll keep it to himself and by not sharing the love he’s able to give, he will more likely become a Beast. It’s a rule and ain’t no magic spall making the transformation–we are not in the fairy tale nor in the set of King Kong, where the Beast is a gorilla who finds his island threatened by humans. Men have defences that only Beauty can penetrate. Not even animals are insensitive to beauty and to the good scent and touch of a soft hydrated skin! Not pursuing Beauty is a crime. Yet undervaluing its evil potential is also a crime…

In fact feminists should not scare us, as they totally lost their appeal and they met go their Beauty on purpose.

BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD from the Beast of Gender Terrorism, too.

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