The Recruitment Bias

How to avoid the issue of what Andreotti defined as a “degree of civil disability,” i.e the gender quotas?


This is in fact the most discriminatory and offensive outlet of feminism: the obligation to promote equality pushed the States to specify a percentage of the admitted to a certain public competition for a job to be of female gender. As there is also a percentage of handicapped to be admitted mandatorily, you can see we women don’t fall far. This is the biggest discrimination in the world right now, as there is no minority to be excluded from participation in anything when all the racism has gone and the US also had a non-white president. Yet we allowed our governments to arrange such a counter-discriminatory disposition, something that tramples on the idea of efficiency and merit itself, something that clearly states how women are truly inferior.


Like the #metoo bullshitters who denounced their feebleness of prostituting themselves for a career, women feeling privileged to obtain a post admit their feebleness of perhaps not obtaining their work by merit. In a meritocratic system the best goes on and the weakest lose. As we are not talking about sports or properly manly interests but of a brain’s and a resilience’s ability to be on a certain workplace, I as a woman am at the same level as someone with a handicap. The insecure feminists found a way not to blame the men of being more numerous on a certain employment by stating they are inferior to them. In so doing, as many women still don’t run for jobs that could take them away from the family, we take in the acquaintance or any woman who could do the job since by law the value of a man is disregarded. Paradoxically I had a place in the list of Forza Italia in the regional elections of 2015 for the same reason: they needed a woman to respect the 50% proportion. And as much as I have always loved politics and did very well, I had never really participated! That was a fantastic chance, an experience that truly achieved a dream, but still I realize how potentially unfair it could have been if a man would have run for the same post but the places were finished for him. There is an interview (in Italian) given for a tv in that epochal run where I express myself on gender quotas very clearly. (You can see it by clicking here.) Meritocracy doesn’t mean that probably only men would suit a certain vacancy–which is often the case anyway–but that eventually also the contrary could happen. In the field of education women rule, for example.


The gender quotas not only hit all the public competitions in every State; they hit also the  institution that should represent democracy and peace: the UN. Worse! By looking at the job vacancies not only do you read that there is an effort to keep the 50% balance, but that women should also be preferred to men..!


It is so stupid and offensive expecting a woman to obtain a job by gender quotas, as it is not to admit that women and men are very different on a workplace. (I explained it proficiently in my interview for La Razon, which you can find translated in English here.) Women have periods, hormonal changes, mood swings, competition crazes with other women and men, the expectation of being given the same amount of money during pregnancy and being understood for their anxiety about the 2 weeks newborn at the house… (I have even found more matters that I forgot to quote on “The Right Geek’s blog”, like the impossibility of educating a woman, the call of sexism on every issue, her expectation to advance in her career, etc.). Logic says looking at the past years: why even if women have lower wages men are still more hired? There are just sooooo many issues that men simply don’t have for their unique task of being MEN! 


What will this bias bring? Apart from inefficiency, maybe to the only posts a woman will be able to get, since entrepreneurs with the rising worries on being denounced of (fake) abuse even in the absence of witnesses–or 20 years later, when they might need to cut their employees or the enterprise goes bankrupt–simply avoid hiring women. This is already happening, from the telling of many people I know. Great, after all feminists are destroying the right women obtained to work if they wished–now even if they wish most of the times remain unemployed or end up doing useless job, so they might as well: finding someone to take care of them; pursuing their dreams gaining by asking money and favours to men (something that feminists call prostitution but which is actually very respectable); if ugly and not willing to improve, becoming a feminist.


Hence the world will be filled by women blaming men and the useless degrees they might have obtained–the same degree that actually helps men finding a job.

It’s the same story, all over again: women’s blame game.


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