This is the first post I write after a following up of my declarations about the Weinstein case saw many Italian newspapers reporting my position for the man’s defense against Asia Argento and the pool of bored and full of hate women who followed her, who all decided to ruin his life and initiate a movement to ruin many more.


What I am preaching is much broader than just this case, but indeed taking action to defend Mr Weinstein’s life is the same action I would take if I was witnessing a murder, if not even stronger; since in a murder we have a dead body and a smoking gun, while here we have nothing but words of “psychological abuse” from someone who dated the man for years. Then a pool of similar specimens decided to shoot him even further, but the smoking gun is still not there, it’s all in a series of words that could easily have been put together by the conspirators themselves.

Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the accusers. Look how disgusted she is in her protector’s presence…

The word conspiracy brings into my mind the Jewishness of Mr Weinstein. Could this hatred from an ex girlfriend stem from this as well? She is a declared extreme left wing and she runs campaign of solidarity for Palestine. (Which other than complacency and loss of dignity adds up to their relationship as a total denial of her so called beliefs.) To use a more meaningful word, she is a communist–and that validates all my points more.

Asia Argento’s logo.

Do we want pure men ending up in pogroms? Pogroms without barriers but insurmountable and much more cruel since those feminists with their ideas get even past Nazi and Stalinist ideas, they want to obliterate the male gender. Weapons of torture are no longer needed in a society where a world repeated exponentially thanks to social media can destroy a life. Have we forgotten the power social media have to bring people to suicide? Have we forgotten Blue Whale? For what we know Mr Weinstein could get close to kill himself since he went bankrupt, divorced (more fees and money to waste on a non supportive woman), and he is undergoing investigations that could lead him in jail. Seriously, do you really want to take a part in a potential murder? If you don’t act, you are like the witness allowing the killer to stay on the loose.

Let’s oblige the sense of dignity, if there is, of Argento and her allies to withdraw their denounces or let’s push this phenomena of GENDER TERRORISM waged by so-called feminists even to higher places than the US justice–i.e the ICJ and the CEDU. (Extreme international recourses to justice.) Men’s rights must be taken into account, what democracy can we talk of otherwise? Let’s stop hypocrisy.


Sign this petition if you think that defending Mr Weinstein’s life could be the first step to fight the bigger phenomena of gender terrorism.


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