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Today we are interviewing Alessandra Cantini, a young Italian actress, degree in Political Sciences, master in International Relations and Affairs, former candidate for the Regional council of Tuscany for Forza Italia and founder of the webpage “The Venusians”. Mrs. Cantini has many things to say regarding women’s rights and modern feminism.

After the convulsive “Women’s Day” last Thursday, when millions around the world went on a strike to try to prove the world can stop working without them, what conclusions do you draw from it? Have we actually achieved something?

R: My main conclusion is that if women could not be employed in certain positions we wouldn’t have such problems at all. All too sadly, there are quotas and a form of political correct thinking that makes it impossible to employ in a meritocratic way. Like people with handicap, a certain percentage of women must be employed in public contests. As the percentage is quite high, in politics and other jobs we end up giving a job to women who deserve it just for their acquaintances—usually men who needs backing. The system achieves nothing, the way they get the job often proves it came from a man’s help, and even if they prove they are good in their work they are still women: they have hormonal peaks, they are dominated by emotions instead than pragmatism, they give birth and expect to be payed the same when they can’t attend work and their mind after a few weeks is constantly on the baby left home with the nanny. Moreover, they might use any gesture of courtesy from their boss as an excuse to sue him for harassment. Why on earth a powerful entrepreneur should privilege a woman over a man as an employee? The rule of Nature are clear, we can’t ignore them. Feminists got really too far, they are an embarrassment to womanhood, waging war to people they should only be thankful to. What society achieved in the past years is a new form of terrorism, gender terrorism, that fights for no definite scope but actually discriminate itself. The whole society ends up paying the fee: men being abused and discredited for their merits and women who still expect to gain respect by being simply women, aspiring to meet their man and take him up to a higher level while they do the most important job that the Creator gave them; pleasing their men, giving birth and educating the future generations. It is an overall loss of efficiency and values that can lead to the total blurring of genders and finally extinction. Those women should end up behind bars for offending God after they are fired.

You recently created the webpage “The Venusians”, which is growing considerably on Facebook. What does it consist in? Which are the goals you try to achieve with this initiative?

R: The Venusians is a female movement, not a feminist one. It stands in total opposition to the current form of feminism, the one promoting gender terrorism wishing to castrate men. The Venusians states that women and men have equal human rights since as humans they are indeed equal; yet the gender difference is a certainty, and cannot be questioned. Women wanting to become men leaving men no choice other than feminising themselves should then abide the same society’s laws governing men; yet how is it possible when women clearly have another higher mission which is reminded every single second by what they have between their legs? The Venusians take the  side of beauty and pleasure that every woman should respect to make the world a more pleasant place to live in; they bring Venus on earth and they want to raise children who will do alike. The Venusians is a manifesto of peace directed to take down those who just enjoy making war instead of making love, to life primarily. What’s the point to live in ugliness when beauty is just a step forward?

What do you think about the feminist movement nowadays? Many say it has abandoned the genuine ideals that groups such as the suffragettes defended.

R: I went so far to have said that even the suffragettes got it wrong, since at the end the proportion of preferences in the elections would be respected even without women voting: all they achieved was a massive waste of paper, i.e killing of trees and damage of the environment. Since women got to vote the world hasn’t really improved, has it? We are not assisting to a new Enlightenment, even if we have all the technology and knowledge of the world literally on the palm of our hands in the form of a smartphone. The first wave of feminism which started in the 19th century in England was right, it focused on the custody of children and property rights. Since women could be thrown away and dishonoured by their husband in a totally male chauvinist society, the natural achievement of their recognition of wives and mothers was only fair. The biggest step happened in the Sixties though, when the sexuality’s wall fell down, smashing puritanism. Women got as free as men to go out without being (too) judged, and contraceptives and abortion allowed them to have sex safely. Free to use their vagina as they wished, true feminists should have stopped their movements there: with the freedom of using their sexuality, they owned the world.

As a woman, do you think beauty standards are being criminalised? Why do you think this is happening?

R: The mass just loves what is ugly and conform to a standards for millions, that’s the inheritance of communism. Just because most of the people has no taste at all, others follow to merge because they don’t want to take a stand and stop this aberration; they feel more comfortable as sheeps. Fashion promotes tacky styles while advocates shout that models shouldn’t be as thin as a 38. So we end up seeing fat and tacky advocates claiming theirs is the democratic standard of beauty..! And the millions of fats and tacky follow… Making a healthy and active thin person who cares about her impact on the overall beauty almost feel guilty. I constantly hear: “Don’t fustigate yourself, why don’t you eat some more?” Simply because I don’t want to fustigate myself and anybody else, I love my person very much and this influences my behaviour towards the rest of the world, since you can’t love your neighbour like yourself if you despise yourself, right? Envious, fat and unkept women just want to bring their misery to the self-loving ones, but we shouldn’t care as we are Venusians. “We are never too thin and rich,” said Wallis Simpson who had a king abdicating the throne for her. How many  young successful and fat women do you see in the world? Answer is none, they are there standing naked with the Femen torturing us all.

The strike manifest, specially in countries such as Spain, showed a clear intention of taking down the capitalist system and a rejection of today’s status quo. Is this the proper way to defend women’s rights?

R: Today’s status quo discriminates the men since there is no humanitarian law defending them from the abuses they receive, and women are as dangerous in hurting them and breaking their hearts and reputation with the use of unfair denounces once they received what they wanted by accepting sexual advances. We can accept prostitution as the oldest women’s job in the world, but not double and mean prostitution. The whole international right’s body is wrong, as there are still women who are being stoned to death for cheating on their husbands in the Middle East! Since big interests are behind this blind eye, we must create another big interest directed to those powerful men who are no longer able to defend themselves, as we saw in the Berlusconi’s and  Weinstein’s cases.

Who do you think is behind all this? The politicisation of the strikes and marches has opened a debate on whether feminism is or isn’t an exclusive claim for some ideologies.

R: Are we seriously wanting to revert to the Soviet socialist system? The feminist movement is just a weapon to keep Marx’s communist ghost alive by promoting the instrumentalization of men as sperm’s donors while somebody else pulls the string.

Thank you for your time, Alessandra. I hope your initiative is successful and we advance in the real fight for equality.

R: You are welcome!

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