365 Women’s Days

STOOOP, give me a break Men!!!


You are not pleasing a female in wishing a “happy women’s day,” in fact I myself am almost offended. I expect a man to wish me a good day, kiss me, make love to me and bringing me surprises every day. I do not necessarily expect him to give me an unlimited credit card and send me to shop, nor to let me find Vuitton/Chanel/Hermes bags everyday–even if they are of course very much appreciated. In fact, luxury everyday would fall itself into boring normality if it’s not compensated by some simple pleasures: chocolate, candies, a teddy bear, some delicacies would do perfectly to remind a woman you have thought of her.



What about flowers, which I explicitly avoided? I don’t get much impressed when I receive flowers, as I think cutting them is barbarian and they die leaving no trace of their existence. (Once I received 100 red roses, which didn’t help the man to come back with me despite the understated romance and their value. I had been expecting an engagement ring and assurances for a year. That man, which I loved deeply, is the first I would defend for the abuses received by his ex wife and his daughter; but sadly not being with him.) 


How can a woman get impressed by flowers, and what’s the point in bringing flowers when invited somewhere–and at funerals? It’s a tradition which should be moderated considering the environment is damaged, and moreover fake flowers are better and better and they don’t die.


Women should remind their men of their femininity everyday: they would be so rewarded! And then, why not establishing a Men’s Day too? Women wanting more democracy should just be fair and give them a day too to be thanked for their efforts in providing women with their lifestyles and multiple orgasms!

“Happy Me-Day, I say wearing hold-ups, high heels and no underwear.” There you can expect to be truly loved and respected. There you see joy and self-confidence.We can’t love our neighbour as ourselves if we don’t love ourselves enough in the first place. The corollary is, a woman should love being a woman, and remind it every single fucking second of her existence! Any man will be only happy to cover a joyous confident woman with no less than diamonds to keep her. 

images copy.jpeg

No more barbarian mimosa’s cutting, please.

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