The Femen Abusive Phenomena

While we cheer up of  Italy being practically freed up of the left wing and Laura Boldrini departing with it her post in the chamber of deputies together with her presidency of it, we should spend a few minutes ridiculing the crazy and inelegant gesture of a Femen at Berlusconi’s ballot box. The more I watch this video and the more I don’t realise if I should laugh or cry.


We get why the Femen hate Berlusconi: they think that throwing parties with beautiful young girls is sexual exploitation and still blame Berlusconi of making fascist and sexist comments. While there is evidence only of Ruby and the president could really have been unaware of her age, the fact of inviting very young girls and prostitutes shouldn’t be a problem in itself, should it? It’s more understandable than calling Rosy Bindi to party…. (Berlusconi was paramount in claiming she is more beautiful than intelligent, and Merkel an unfuckable fat ass. They jump all on his throat, so it’s only funny him reminding that after all they should be more women and less aspiring male dictators of bad taste.)

A girl jumping on a desk half naked with the text written on her breast: “Berlusconi you are expired,” is a very bad example of a woman and contradicts her credos of using a woman’s body to reach her goal. In fact, the Femen disrespect their women’s body by displaying it!! They are proving what feminism should fight: exploitation of a gender’s features. It’s the very proof why a woman can’t fight without using her second best weapon: her breast.

Here some pro-Palestine Femen displaying embarrassing anti-Semitism and calling the Shoah a hoax.

The women they praise are the ones I dislike the most: they praise Asia Argento for having denounced Weinstein and be forced to flee Italy, and Laura Boldrini for her anti-sexist declarations. The former could have been severely damaged by drugs’ use, while the latter is most hated for most of her non-sense declarations–to remind one, claiming that 600€ given to a migrant are better than used to promote work for Italian struggling unemployed citizens.


It’s all so embarrassing; and considering that the original Femen come from Ukraine, it all saddens me more. Those beautiful women could have it all with their beautiful bodies, instead they ridicule it, they make of it a true object and the very reason why they end up behind bars instead of using their organs to make proper families. (Then very ugly and fat Femen jumped up following the trend, which makes it all even more cringe.) Middle Eastern women are to take more as an example then them. The corollary is a loss of demography into areas that need to be more populated instead of offering lebensraum to southern immigrants. There’s no measuring up of the value of procreation, a matter that brings Russia to struggle to populate certain of its vast areas. Why Femen can’t just be sexier rather than sexist in such a wrong way?!


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