Muslim Womenhood

Driving change!

Back in September 2017 Saudi Arabia announced the end of its decades-old ban on female drivers. The ban will be lifted starting on the summer of 2018. This news has made the round of the world as the Kingdom was the only place in which women could still not drive. When we think about women in Iran, despite the burqa appearance and strict rules banning alcohol, they can still do several activities. Yet, is this a victory? How far can we call anything of that kind an opening to liberalism and gender equality? Since a woman is not yet allowed to use her name, but will always refer to her father or husband to be identified, the matter is only formal; furthermore, the burqa issue everywhere should be more urgent.


Oriana Fallaci was very acute in her observations of women during her tour around the globe, which was followed with the writing of the book Il sesso inutile, ie The useless sex, intending sex as gender. According to her standpoint, every woman is launched into something that will provoke only pain, a progressive and more complicated one each time while washing her mouth with the words “emancipation” and “progress.” It’s a way on who is more miserable between them: the one who is segregated like in a zoo, the one obliged to see the world from a shroud, or the unleashed westerners fighting with men?


What is to reckon, is that in Islamism women are truly lowered by religion, and I get very annoyed when I encounter Muslims who insist that they are not. Their degradation stems from insisting to cover them with a veil–Mohammad reported it in the Quran, which allowed to an interpretation meaning of covering them all, but still a veil is a discrimination of their freedom to see the sun–to inherit less than a man because men are the ones working and using money properly, while women can use their money only for more personal scopes. Polygamy is allowed for me, who can get as many wives that want as long as they take care of each one equally.


That is the true definition of sexism on a male chauvinist extreme. Yet, have women done anything in centuries of it? The answer is no, they accept their society as it is and take on their roles as wives and mothers but most of all prostitutes for a roof. If they really wanted freedom, they could have acted a while ago, in fact the Quran states that concessions could be made. What is the big deal of having a woman driving a car at the end of the day? For them it’s big, and anyway it’s evident they have never cared that much until Western women threw the E world on them. Yet again, the easiest way in a social media society could be one of a proper revolution: write down a time on a super encrypted social media including thousands of desperate wives, and agree to kill the husbands in some ways, be it stabbing them or poisoning them. Be they sentenced, they would have served a noble cause and gained the pages of history since no woman ever dared rebelling. There are so many spices that could make lethal mixes, and so many occasions to kill when you are under bars with the only permission of cooking. Lucrezia Borgia and Cleopatra weren’t probably cooking, but their knowledge in poisons was extensive. Poison is a woman’s weapon, and Vendetta is a feminine world.


Not to act is only their choice, so we should all stop making a fuss and stop campaigning for their freedom, as freedom is a very relative word in itself. Are Westerners free fighting to obtain the same identical status of men? By their insisting on a different treatment, they state their difference. (I use “they” because I don’t recognise myself in this crazy attitude.) Stating and expecting a special treatment, they then end up discriminating men. And men are no instrument of only sex and procreation, they have a soul, and I agree with Islamic societies that indeed normally they have to hold more money, because business and pragmatism is only theirs by nature. There could be the odd philanthropist woman who can change the world, but up to this day we must admit the equation is still against us. Power is might, so after millennia we can’t expect a sudden change on the very nature of things. Money flows on sex, and it’s quite a cool thing to acknowledge; it’s still better than working in mines, isn’t it?


There is no way of being fair and judge, every woman has her own battle. Mine is to make women around the globe realise that as soon as they feel happy to achieve their dreams, be it as a wife or a businesswoman, than it’s ok. There’s no point in making war to men and to other women who think differently. That’s their problem.


(And then, who really need a car? Taxes, oil, maintenance, parkings, fines and trips make  of driving quite an unnecessary thing. A driver in each city fits the balance better–and it’s way more classy.)


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