Sweet Valentines

The personage of Saint Valentine is quite blurred and resides in legend, as three different saints were martyred on February 14th and in Italy there is a battle of flag about owning the patron, with the one from Rome winning the selection. The saint apparently managed to marry a couple whose union was forbidden, and wrote “by your Valentine” on a piece of paper to a girl just before being killed. Whatever it is, there was no particular romance linked to Italy before Paul McCarthney’s song “When I’m Sixty-Four” in the Sixties, where he thinks about his lover sending him the greetings on Valentine; since then the chocolate industry created a powerful marketing outlet and Italian women expect a little something like women everywhere else. But still Saint Valentines in Italy is not felt as much as in the English-speaking world, where cards and packaged gifts are conceived for all the tastes and you can find thoughtful sweet things: peluche with messages, sets dates kits, bonuses to fill and use… Simply lovely.

The use of going to the restaurants on Saint Valentine and have a special feast is explained in those countries  by the fact that women are working but still cooking and making the rooms, so their husbands gives them a night of rest. 

Whatever the reason,  lovers celebrate their special union and Valentines haters should get a grip and buy themselves a little present between the many knowing that eventually their twin soul might be not as far instead of posting commentaries criticizing the occurrence. Loving ones self is the beginning of a lifelong idyll, and there is no way that by being spiteful one can find his/her soul mate.

It is good that restaurants get more clients and more dates are set up for this special evening. It is an invite to action, an excuse to plan something, and this is valid also for solid couples, who can be a bit more playful and romantic than usual with all the gadgets around. Then of course if you are out all the times and in love as in the first day you really might take the chance of staying in with the favorite take out and a romantic film.

But it is forbidden to be cynical, if love might as well be all a chemical thing to make humans reproduce, romance is still part of the game. It is always good to have excuse to display an additional care. 

Happy Valentines day(s), remembering anyway to expect it from your men every day in how he treats you–yet we must reward them gladly, as coupling is the best game.

Love and its illusion is overall the most beautiful game for all but Shackespeare’s Ophelia, who tells in the Amlet:

Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s Day
And early in the morning
I’m a girl below your window
Waiting to be your Valentine.
Then he got up and put on his clothes
And opened the door to his room.
He let in the girl, and when she left
She wasn’t a virgin anymore.
She lost her virginity and then killed herself. (To her defence, it must have been a very lousy experience…)

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