#MeToo Bullshitters

The first women who have reacted publicly to the “revelation of pigs” promoted by Asia Argento over twenty years after the alleged “attack” induced by film producer Harvey Weinstein were the French, in a letter to Le Monde signed by 100 women represented principally by Catherine Deneuve. Brigitte Bardot of course joined in. Aaah Deneuve and Bardot, two women who were proud to share their bodies to cameras and men!

The open letter criticised the new form of witch hunt which started emerging very recently after decades of sexual freedom assured women to get in the place to denounce normal virulent behaviours. In Italy this puritanism served to take Silvio Berlusconi’s legitimacy to govern damaged as his finances–since he had to pay his ex wife a hefty monthly divorce fee of €1.4 millions. (We can happily ascertain that despite all the President reemerged as pillar of stability for the undergoing electoral campaign.) We must rejoice than despite the political instrumentalization Italy still is quite sexist and respectful of women’s roles, since it is the only country where a woman has yet obtained the power to run alone to the presidency. In France we had women running for the Presidency, but they both failed: Marine Le Pen underwent the task and didn’t succeed I dare say for her arrogance and aggressive attitude toward her opponent, the same that costed Ségolèn Royal the same post when she raised her voice at Sarkozy and he remarked it with the phrase: “Madame, un President de la République doit être calme” (Lady, a President of the Republic must be calm.) That is it, women should be calm; and flirting and have sex helps a lot in this matter. Hillary Clinton had to fight the souvenir of public humiliation she endured during the Lewinsky scandal, hoping to satisfy the United States while she couldn’t have clearly satisfied her husband in ages, so her running there was more a feminine’s reaction than a feminist’s one; and yet her loss is extremely helpful to prove that that gender barrier won’t luckily be smashed. The world needs men, and the United States needs a man too, and a virulent one after Obama’s weakness.

The problem is, as politics wasn’t clearly enough giving voice to sexually frustrated women who, if even beautiful, are all undeniably undergoing sentimental troubles, another men’s temple must be destroyed: Hollywood. Hence divorced women like Asia Argento Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thurman to gain more attention and money after they can’t get the same important roles they interpreted, found a new fertile ground by promoting war to the same men who helped them becoming famous. The paradox couldn’t be more evident: they still depend on a story revolving around men to gain money! 

We could bet that the real version of their stories–which is only known by the conspirators–is that they all responded to mr Weinstein’s advances right before the roles were given, and enjoyed the encounter so much that they gained them. That would only be rational, In Italy we don’t get scandalised by those matters and in theatre we are also recommended to eventually give in “compromise” if a career as an actress is really what we want.  

Cannes Ff 2016: Amfar Gala - 19 May 2016
Harvey Weinstein and (ex?) wife.

Mr Weinstein has been happily married for 11 years with an beautiful British socialite 24 years younger than him, Georgina Chapman, and gave him two children. Apparently she decided to leave him when the denounces started… We can see what the ultimate goal is, have couples split and share unhappiness and frustration. Go tell an Italian woman that her husband is cheating on her, and she will kick you out of her door and of her friendship. We simply get family more as the kids’ education is paramount.

No wonderAsia Argento has ground to complain that nobody respects her in her motherland Italy. Probably her daddy’s issues is due to playing sex scenes in her first film where he was directing. Being told by your father how you must act in a sex scene must really be weird… But we know, things of those kind happen, and also Maria Shneider was shocked lifelong after Marlon Brando forced butter into *there*… The blatant truth is, if you want to work in the industry you must accept that men are particularly dirty, if by dirty you mean they are particularly sexual–like everywhere where there is a stack of power and money. 

So STOP NOW the blatant prostitution which is taming the oldest woman’s job of hypocrisy–a characteristic to which prostitution must be proudly alien.

A woman should still prefer dirty powerful men to half men. And be ready to give him what he wants instead of letting him find it somewhere else. Nobody dies of sex when everything falls into compliance–and compliance mean following him into an isolated place.

Catherine Deneuve in “Belle du Jour” (1967), where she interprets a wife looking for excitement by prostituting herself in the afternoons.

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